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New business models of convergence customers and their need for a platform

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    Convergence, Platform and Industrialized Construction; changing business models emerge in the built environment.The Industrialized Construction revolution is upon us, this is indisputable. The built environment ecosystem is demanding more certainty in cost, schedule, material availability, and safety.  We’re under pressure from increasing demand, project complexity, global skills and material shortage and increasing sustainability requirements.  This demands change, this demands transformation.   Autodesk’s Queen of Prefab Amy Marks, VP, Industrialized Construction discusses convergence customers’ needs for a connected platform. The Autodesk platform connects our customers data using the Autodesk portfolio of products and the digital glue of our partner ecosystem, empowering companies to productize, inform design and construction and enable optimization of manufacturing and other technologies to reduce digital and physical waste, achieve business outcomes, and drive toward circularity.

    Key Learnings

    • Recognize convergence business models-serial owner, generative designer, solution aggregator, product & systems integrator.
    • Understanding the difference and unique benefits between products and platform.
    • Identify foundational capabilities including platform readiness and productization for convergence customers.
    • Identify the impact of Industrialized Construction and holistic sustainability outcomes.