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Future of Fracture Fixation: A Generative Design Approach to Surgical Implants

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    Human bone is a unique material that grows based on the mechanical loading applied to it. This can cause problems for astronauts, as the loading through their bones is reduced and conditions such as osteoporosis can set in. Surgical implants, which are often used to stabilize bone fragments following a fracture, can inadvertently create similar problems, by reducing the force transferred through the bone itself. This can permanently reduce bone mass and increase the risk of future fracture. This class will discuss the ongoing research into this problem, and will demonstrate how researchers are using generative design in Fusion 360 software to explore new designs for these implants that better aid the natural bone-recovery process.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the advantages that generative design in Fusion 360 provides to innovators and research teams
    • Discover the key factors influencing the future direction of research into surgical implants
    • Learn how to rationalize manufacturing process and material choices using a generative design approach
    • Learn how to improve the mechanical performance of components and maximize the advantages of additive manufacturing with Fusion 360