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New Business Models and Digital Platforms in Construction 4.0

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    Digital transformation is more important than ever. Data and analytics change how architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms operate. But some changes are invisible to the eye: transformation of business models. To avoid commoditization, some companies are moving fast to adopt digital platforms to run their business. They add new services to their existing portfolio and they build new partnerships. We see the emergence of new roles (chief data officer, chief digital officer, chief transformation officer, chief analytics officer, chief partnership officer), new activities (that focus on data capture and usage), and new tools (to make business decisions and develop insights based on data). As a consequence, entirely new ecosystems are emerging: the originators, the providers, the aggregators, the controllers, and the consumers. We will explore in more detail the various aspects of this new Construction 4.0 scene.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the notion of Construction 4.0.
    • Discover the need for new business models to run firms in the future.
    • Discover a shape to the future state of the industry (originators, providers, aggregators, controllers, consumers).
    • Learn how to create strategies for organizations to become more data driven.