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Network Subscription: The Future of Network Licensing
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Starting on February 1, 2016, Autodesk, Inc., will offer “network subscription,” a term-based network license, for most individual software products. As a CAD or IT manager it’s important that you know how network subscription licenses will behave, whether you’re adding to the existing pool of perpetual network licenses or purchasing network licenses for the first time. This class will focus on understanding how the new network subscription licensing offer works and how to capitalize on it with your existing investment in perpetual licenses. You will also get a sneak peek at our new streamlined portal for requesting network licenses that can help shorten network-activation turnaround time and reduce errors. You will also learn how to integrate network subscription licenses with your existing perpetual network licenses, in order to ensure seamless access to Autodesk software licenses for your end users.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the new network subscription offering from Autodesk
  • Get an early look at the next-generation network license self-service portal
  • Learn how to use network subscription licenses alongside your existing perpetual licenses
  • Learn how to manage updates to your network subscription and perpetual license files



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