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The Multidisciplinary Engineering Collaboration Hub at Andritz

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    This class will cover the benefits of using BIM 360 Docs as a central hub for many different stakeholders in a plant project. In this session, we’ll look at ideal workflows for transferring and managing data models from Mechanical, Plant and Process engineering into BIM 360 Docs. Based on a real world experience we will share best practices and lessons learned on how to synchronize engineering data from model authoring systems into the Cloud. We will discuss and demonstrate the importance of all project participants having access to these models with intuitive tools to search and analyze models, and in doing so, creating full project awareness. The session will conclude with the various positive business impacts companies can achieve by implementing such a hybrid environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to share multidisciplinary engineering data between Plant engineering authoring tools and BIM 360
    • Learn how to structure and manage the cloud platform for efficient access and fast finding of relevant engineering data
    • Make the most out of collaborative workflows to maximize efficiency & minimize waste in design & delivery of plant projects
    • Learn about the various business benefits on operational efficiency, quality, cost control and customer handover