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Moving Your Desktop to the Cloud with Amazon WorkSpaces
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Your desktop is a symbol of blood, sweat, and tears. It’s your friend that powers you through those late-night sessions to meet your 9am deadlines, and still comes back for more when you spill coffee on it. But even trusty desktops die. Even worse, they’re not always mobile. So how much at risk are you when – not if – it fails, and how fast can you rebuild a new workstation when it does? And what do you use when you’re not in the office? Even more importantly, how do you easily collaborate with others on those terabyte-size file sets that the team keeps pushing to the cloud? With Amazon WorkSpaces, you can now migrate your desktop to the cloud and run remotely, securely accessing your desktop from anywhere using industry-accepted protocols, and flexibly work from the device of your choice in today’s world of always-on, always-online without the hard requirements of a traditional physical desktop. Come join Amazon Web Services as they present Amazon WorkSpaces in this session.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the concept of remote desktops in Amazon Web Services
  • Understand how remote desktops can apply to them
  • Understand why remote desktops are important to users of Autodesk software
  • Provision their own remote desktops in Amazon Web Services



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