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Addressing Sustainability in Product Design and Engineering

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    "Sustainability" means many different things to different manufacturers. In some cases designers and engineers strive to make a product perform with greater energy efficiency. In other cases they focus on making the product easy to recycle at the end of its life or they design out restricted substances with advanced material selections. Regardless of the focus, the design and detailed-engineering phases hold many opportunities to decrease the environmental impact of a product. During this hour attendees will learn about current trends in sustainable product design and compliance, and we'll explore which are relevant to their products or product lines. Attendees will also learn how to easily apply Autodesk, Inc., tools at key points in design and engineering workflows to aid in the exploration of more sustainable design alternatives.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand current trends in sustainable product design and regulatory compliance.
    • Identify which tools are in your Autodesk portfolio already, and get a sneak peek at new areas of research and development.
    • Resellers will learn how they can build out new service offerings in sustainable design.
    • Identify points in your workflows where sustainable design could be easily implemented.