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Hands-on Lab    SE1511-L
Modeling Complex Shapes in Revit Structure Using the Conceptual Massing Environment
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This hands-on lab focuses on using the conceptual massing environment in Revit Structure software to create complex roofs and walls and other complex shapes, such as a transmission tower or even a battleship. We walk through creating the mass framework and then get into the project. We explore advanced techniques to make trusses, complex beams, and columns that host the mass constructs. We also explore the workflow of how to manage change with these tools and how to master these techniques.

Key Learnings

  • List key tools and describe key strategies in conceptual massing
  • Model complex shapes, including roofs, walls, and complex framing
  • Create an optimized workflow for using conceptual massing and structural layout
  • Use conceptual massing as a change management tool for complex geometry exploration


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