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Model Requirement Checking Online: Automated Data Checking on BIM 360

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    Arcadis/CallisonRTKL have been working with Autodesk Consulting to develop the ability to run attribute/parameter checks on WIP (work in progress) models hosted in BIM 360 software to help ensure they meet client requirements. These checks are performed in the background against thousands of data points on thousands of model elements across multiple files in a matter of minutes. Performing these automated EIR (Employer’s Information Requirement) checks on the models directly from BIM 360 streamlines the quality assurance process, which is especially helpful with large-project data sets. The capability developed provides speed and accuracy in meeting clients’ data requirements.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the need for data quality and reliability throughout the whole project lifecycle
    • Learn how to validate attributes/parameters in models against a specified set of Employer Information Requirements or Asset Requirements
    • Learn how to determine the steps needed to implement MDC Online
    • Discover ways to configure and customize MDC Online to your data environment and requirements