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Model-Based Definition: A Key Value Driver for Future Product Development

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    Manufacturing errors and quality issues are one of the biggest obstacles for product makers when it comes to achieving business goals and remaining competitive. The reason is often a lack of understanding between collaborating areas of the supply chain because CAD model documentation is difficult to understand or it’s incomplete. In this course, you’ll learn how Model-Based Definition in Inventor software can provide an alternative approach to creating understandable and accurate documentation that’s ready to be reused downstream. The content of this Autodesk University course will focus on how Model-Based Definition can help fully define a CAD model earlier in the design process than ever before, while unlocking new potential for automation in areas such as manufacturing and quality management. The benefits of Model-Based Definition are highlighted as part of a direct comparison between the traditional and a forward-thinking approach that can provide greater clarity, accuracy, and efficiency in the product lifecycle.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply Model-Based Definition to fully define 3D CAD models and create accurate product documentation.
    • Discover the added value of Model-Based Definition for downstream processes in the supply chain.
    • Estimate time savings when maximizing Model-Based Definition to define 3D CAD models.
    • Learn about collaborating with data at the center.