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3D Modeling Practices and Standards for Substations

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    This class will cover industry best practices and workflows for 3D substation design projects utilizing Inventor Professional software and the Substation Design Solutions toolkit. In addition, we will cover integration of Vault Professional software to maximize the efficiency of the 3D modeling processes. We will detail processes and procedures to ensure consistency, flexibility, and overall usability of 3D models, and we’ll learn how to change the way substation designs are currently done. We will present Vault categories, lifecycles, and states as a means to demonstrate utilization of 3D model data and how it can be integrated into existing systems to facilitate custom reporting and data analytics. This session features Inventor Professional and Vault Professional.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to produce 3D models that are accurate, consistent, and user-friendly
    • Discover best practices for part and assembly creation
    • Learn how to use Vault to capitalize on 3D model data
    • Learn how to use Inventor to transform the substation design process