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Model Audits, Checks, and More: The Current State of Affairs with Big Brother and Model QA
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Model health, model checks, model specifications. Pass, fail, scoring: why, how, what, where! This course will discuss what Stantec has been doing in terms of model health checks, model scoring, model specification checks, and our current state of building out a database to hold the information. We will dig into how we got to where we are currently, as well as future plans. We will particularly look at graph databases and cloud storage as more flexible solutions that can better handle the data and types of queries that interest us. In addition, since we know that not everyone has in-house development teams or Stantec’s breadth, we will look at the various platforms that are now commercially available that can be used to achieve similar results.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to make an educated decision regarding which approach for BIM data analysis would best suit your firm and needs
  • Understand the various metrics and KPIs that may be of interest to your firm, and learn what is required to return useful results for those metrics
  • Become familiar with the amount of effort that’s required if you want to develop your own solution
  • Understand some of the technology implications of developing a database for tracking model state, behavior, and health



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