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From Maya and Unreal to Virtual Presence: The Epic Games Lab Case Study

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    Epic Games and Theia Interactive have partnered to build a sustainable, scalable innovation lab environment streamed in the cloud using Revit software, Maya software, and Unreal Engine software. The Detroit Experimental Lab was designed to be both a collaborative space for meetings, training sessions, and product demos, and a testing environment for future technologies. Epic Games’ Heiko Wenczel and Nimrod Friedmann of Theia Interactive will lead attendees through the workflows and tools used in creating the virtual lab, and will highlight some of the most innovative features of Maya and Unreal Engine 5. The speakers will also detail how the Detroit Experimental Lab’s highly interactive design process can serve as a road map for enterprise companies looking to secure their positions in the evolving digital landscape. It will be highly informative for creators, as well as innovation and digital practice managers preparing to enter the metaverse.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the creation of the lab, from concept to the 3D models that contributed to the lab’s diverse and eclectic style.
    • Learn how to transform concepts into geometry using Maya.
    • Learn about best practices workflows with Maya, Datasmith, and Unreal Engine 5, including workflows for building scalable environments.
    • Learn about the vision that’s shaping the future of virtual collaborative environments for enterprise-level businesses.