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Mastering the Reality with Reality Masters

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    Join me on a Reality Computing expedition. Maximizing on the latest fascinating developments in Capture technologies and Reality Computing Solutions, we will demonstrate and analyze various use cases of applied Reality Computation from the worlds of media and entertainment, arts, archeology, science, museums and design, and explore new ways of doing the old stuff. For the first time we will be deep diving in Project Memento, our standalone, state-of-art end-to-end solution that creates high quality publishable and fabbable 3D models from reality captured with photos, handheld scanners or mid range scanners, and prepares them for fabbing, publishing online, or for further digital workflows with Fusion360, Autodesk Maya and more. The class will teach best practices how to capture the reality so that you can make the most of their digital replicas, how to leverage Memento's toolset to prepare it for different workflows and in general, you will learn of all new opportunities offered by that the brave new Reality Computed world.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about reality capture and reality computing—what it is and why you should care
    • Get inspired by the many new opportunities open with reality computing
    • Learn what you need—from capture to processing—to make high-quality digital masters
    • Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of various capture technics and tools for processing