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Mastering Fusion Team Data Management
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Fusion Team is a powerful data management solution for your Fusion designs as well as other file types. In this class we will explore how companies can benefit from Fusion Team over a Fusion Personal or A360 solution. We will learn how to identify an interesting or important point in our design as a milestone which will control when other changes get consumed. We will learn how to work with multiple different CAD sources in Fusion to streamline our design process. Learn how to set up a library project of common components for reuse in your designs. You can also reuse designs from other projects which can streamline your design lifecycle. Learn how to utilize Connected Desktop allowing you to ad-hoc manage other CAD sources and pick up the component references. We will learn how to administrate your organizations team with Users, Roles and Project types providing the level of security to ensure only the right team members see your designs. We will also learn how to work with the new Trash Bin feature allowing you to delete items but not lose them forever. If you are an enthusiast or hobbyist looking to expand your organization and data management, or an already scaled company then Fusion Team is for you and this class will help.

Key Learnings

  • Learn Roles and Project Types
  • Learn Cross Project References
  • Learn the AnyCAD Workflow utilizing Connected Desktop
  • Learn how to use milestones



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