Lecture    CM2323
The Many Ways of Using Scripts and LISP to Automate, Save Time, and Enforce Standards
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In this class you learn how to effectively use some of the strongest AutoCAD® tools, such as AutoLISP® routines, scripts, and .NET, to rid yourself of repetitive tasks. This class also covers effective ways to automate and enforce almost all of your company's standards by showing you how to use automation tools in AutoCAD menus, at startup, for customization, and as standalone programs and routines. Learning these techniques will prove to be invaluable and save more time and money than anyone could believe. When seconds is just too long, see how you can use these methods to set up a page setup, print a PDF file, or bind a file with just 1 click. Attendees should have some knowledge about AutoLISP and AutoCAD scripts.

Key Learnings

  • Use scripts and LISP programs to rid yourself of routine tasks
  • Enforce company standards automatically
  • Apply setting changes from a network location
  • Load and manipulate routines from other sources



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