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Managing CAD Standards with VB.NET

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    The CAD Standards feature in AutoCAD software is often left untapped by many companies because the functionality is limited to four types of named objects. What if you could create your own standards plug-ins that extend the functionality of the CAD Standards and Batch Standards Checkers? This class will help explain the CAD Standards COM API that ships with AutoCAD and how to implement your own plug-ins. You’ll learn which libraries you need to use, how to create and register a plug-in, and how to load and use the plug-in in AutoCAD. You should have a basic understanding of the CAD Standards feature in AutoCAD, and know how to use the VB.NET programming language.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to locate and reference the CAD Standards COM API
    • Learn about how to use and the limits of the CAD Standards COM API
    • Learn how to create and load a plug-in into AutoCAD
    • Learn how to check for and fix CAD standards errors with a plug-in