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Make your Revit Families smart and adaptive !!
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In this class attendees will be introduced to do Parametric Design using Adaptive Points and how to work with Adaptive components in Revit with and w/o Dynamo. Explore ways to create interesting parametric relationships which are anchored to Attractor Points using Dynamo. points. Learn about their application, advantages and disadvantages. How these families can be further placed and made parametric using attractor points in Dynamo will be shown. This advance knowledge is beneficial to anyone interested in creating Flexible & Dynamic smart revit families for their Design.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to plan a family and reporting parameters. Also, use nested families to control the parameterization of the family
  • Analyze the parametric behavior of the family. Establish how the data is related
  • How to use Dynamo to place adaptive components in Revit and attach them to Attractor Point
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of adaptive components



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