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Look Good in Public: Using InfraWorks to Engage the Community

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    This class will cover the development of an InfraWorks software model from a wide variety of data sources. We will examine the various subjects, including the importation of geographic information system (GIS) raster and vector data, 3D models, civil 3D surfaces and alignments, creation of custom 3D models in 3ds Max software, and use of storyboard and export to create compelling project videos. We will examine workflows of an actual project and we'll focus on the process used to develop an InfraWorks software model for the modernization of a generating facility in Tempe, Arizona. This model has been used in the public outreach process.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import GIS data sources into InfraWorks software
    • Learn how to import AutoCAD Civil 3D software data sources into InfraWorks software
    • Learn how to import, create, and use styles in a style palette
    • Learn how to generate video export animations