Lights, Cameras, Action: Professional Editing and Effects for Better Storytelling
Lecture    DG4500
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Take advantage of the tools and techniques that the pros use on blockbuster films and television commercials to create videos and presentations that will blow your audiences away. If you currently edit video or produce renders for video, you need to attend this class. You' will see how paring Autodesk® Smoke® software for editing and effects with animation products, such as Autodesk® 3ds Max® software, enables a powerful pro video workflow for integrating high-definition video, 3D renders, and 3D data to produce results that surpass the look of standard "corporate video." Replace cumbersome workflows that require round-tripping between editing, 3D, and effects applications with the power of Autodesk products' integrated video, special effects, and 3D pipeline to deliver professional video results.

Key Learnings

  • Explain how professional video techniques such as keying, compositing, and relighting can be used in visualization
  • Take advantage of workflows between Autodesk video and 3D animation tools to build efficient processes for producing video content
  • Explain how video can lead to more compelling creative presentations
  • Propose more efficient video creation pipelines using Autodesk Smoke

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