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Learning Advanced Additive Manufacturing Workflows Within Fusion 360

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    This hands-on class will look at advanced manufacturing workflows by additive manufacturing within Fusion 360 software. Within the additive manufacturing workspace, Fusion 360 lets the users design and then manufacture their parts additively, either via powder bed or fused filament fabrication. Metal powder-bed manufacture (for example, SLM or DMLS) is a relatively new addition to Fusion 360, with fused filament fabrication being newer still. Hence, to many Fusion 360 users, the workflows may seem undefined. This class will take the audience on a journey to clarify these workflows. This journey will move from initial generatively designed part design, involving design for both types of additive manufacturing, right through to the final printing of the part—drawing on customer projects as examples. This class will conclude by teaching you how to combine powder bed and fused filament fabrication to work in tandem, enabling an extremely effective and powerful project workflow.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create your own effective workflows using Fusion 360 for additive manufacture
    • Learn how to combine FFF and powder-bed manufacture for an effective printing process
    • Learn how to simplify your workflow by reducing constant data exchange
    • Gain an advanced understanding of additive manufacture preparation