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Leadership Forum Keynote Address

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    The Leadership Forum keynote address will describe several powerful forces driving disruptive change in business and technology and put them in the context of the key industries Autodesk serves. Some of these forces include products becoming services, business models that match consumption, and the importance of customer and user experiences. The keynote address will act as a catalyst for Leadership Forum participants to explore how these forces will act upon their industries, how they will act across industries, and how they will respond to the forces. Jon Pittman, vice president of corporate strategy for Autodesk, will describe the forces, and Phil Bernstein, vice president, Industry Strategy and Relations, will relate the forces to the building, manufacturing, and media industries. This session will establish a context for participants to think about the impact of the forces on their businesses and prepare them with a lens through which to view the rest of Autodesk University.

    Key Learnings