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Just in Time! Computational Design Creates a Uniquely Better Suspension

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    It was a Friday morning, just before lunch, when a Teams message dinged: "RJ!!!! RED ALERT!" Little did I know that in less than a week the shop would be cutting metal on an innovative new suspension design that I helped create with the use of Autodesk Design & Manufacturing toolsets in Fusion 360 and Inventor. Exploring multiple design technologies including Generative Design, Shape Generator, and FEA analysis with Inventor Nastran, a team collaborated together to design and manufacture a new truck suspension prototype that shaved an unheard-of 20% off the weight of the suspension assembly. Three weeks later, the new prototype was on the showroom floor at a national truck show. How did we get there? What technologies did we use, and how did we choose one over the other? This case study will retrace our steps and help you identify decision points you can apply in your own design scenarios. Most of all, this story will showcase the possibilities Autodesk design tools open up.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify differences between Generative Design & Topology Optimization
    • Decide which study types to use for their manufacturing methods
    • Champion the exploration of Computational Design in their companies
    • Demonstrate real-world examples of designs created with both Generative Design and Topology Optimization