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Capitalizing on Additive Manufacturing Using Autodesk Generative Design

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    With the announcement of Autodesk Generative Design, we take one of the most common structural engineering problems and turn it on its head. This class will teach you how to use AGD to discover unthought-of designs for a structural aerospace bracket. Learn how to go from seed geometry definition in Fusion 360, to problem definition, design generation, and results exploration in Autodesk Generative Design. Select from generated designs of different materials, safety factors and build constraints. Next, we use detailed non-linear finite element analysis in Fusion 360 to verify the selected Generative Design solution. Learn how to input non-linear properties for AM metals and correctly interpret finite element results. Once verified we will discuss AM (metal powder bed) build preparation with the help of Autodesk NetFabb. Finally, we will compare the performance of our new Generatively Designed bracket with that of the baseline (subtractive manufactured) bracket by physically breaking both of them!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up seed and obstacle geometry for Autodesk Generative Design inside Fusion 360
    • Learn how to use Autodesk Generative Design to re-design a structural aerospace bracket
    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 non-linear finite element simulation to verify additive manufactured designs
    • Understand the potential of generatively designed AM parts compared against typical subtractive (machined) parts