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Joints, So Much More than Just Rigid
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Joints are so much more than just gluing components together. What about creating motion and understanding how it interacts with our designs? Joints are far more than just assembly of components; they also describe motion. This class will provide you with an understanding of joints and how you can implement this motion into your Fusion 360 software workflow. You will learn about the different types of joints and the best places to use them. We will also touch on how to approach joints while you’re in a distributed design, and we’ll give you tips to keep your joints organized. Once we understand the basics of Fusion 360 joints, we will move on to positioning them exactly where we want and we’ll address how we can combine them with contact sets to create realistic motion. Lastly, we will take our joints to the next level by studying the motion of the joints and creating a presentation of the motion using animations, all inside of Fusion 360 software.

Key Learnings

  • Discover and learn how to implement the best joint type for your workflow
  • Learn how to maximize your joint capabilities inside of a distributed design
  • Learn how to capitalize on Joint Origins and Contact Sets to create intelligent models
  • Learn how to use joints to create animations and motion studies




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