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It’s All in the Details: T-Splines Modeling and Photorealistic Rendering in Fusion 360
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Fusion 360 software offers powerful tools for creating models and renderings with great attention to detail. This class will focus on 2 key elements that are critical in product design. The first one is T-Splines modeling, which enables the creation of complex forms in a quick way while maintaining high-quality surfaces. People often comment that using T-Splines for organic shapes cuts down modeling time from hours to minutes. This method also enables designers and engineers to easily explore forms without distractions from complicated workflows. The second key element of this class will focus on rendering, a critical tool for visualizing design intent and “selling” designs to broader audiences. Fusion 360 software offers a powerful and simple platform for photorealistic rendering, eliminating the use of a separate software package. This session features Fusion 360.

Key Learnings

  • Learn techniques and best practices for T-Splines modeling in Fusion 360
  • Learn how to generate and explore complex organic shapes with good surface quality
  • Learn how to use Fusion 360 software’s rendering tool to quickly obtain photorealistic results
  • Learn how to integrate workflows that maximize form development and visualization of design concepts


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