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Inventor Design Collaboration Future: IP Management, Viewing Strategies, Design Reuse

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    Connected design collaborations need to be contextually relevant with the ability to easily manage what aspects of the design we share, with whom we share, when we share, and how we share. In a roundtable format, facilitators will generate lively discussion around key collaboration topics for Inventor software, including IP management, viewing strategies, and design reuse. To explore IP management, the facilitators will demonstrate possible future scenarios then host a discussion to tease out what aspects of a design are considered IP in different situations. To explore viewing strategies, we will do a small-group exercise to envision what actions we'd want collaborators to take on shared designs (commenting, markup, and beyond), occasions when we'd want collaborations to be asynchronous versus live, and other topics. To get at design reuse, we will do a prioritization exercise to understand which metadata is most helpful when striving to quickly find the closest design to the project as well as what is needed to understand history of design changes.

    Key Learnings

    • Contribute your priorities for Inventor-connected collaboration future scenarios
    • Discover factors impacting IP management across differing collaboration contexts
    • Learn about prioritization of actions collaborators may take in future design viewers
    • Prioritization of metadata needed for finding and re-using designs