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An Innovative UAV-to-Cloud Processing and Analysis Service for Rooftop Inspections

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    The fast-growing network around unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), as well as the availability of cloud-based processing and analysis services, enables the emergence of a category of new workflows that disrupt the conventional surveying methods. By flying a UAV around a house or a building to capture aerial images, and by processing such images to produce meaningful 2D orthographic views and 3D data using Autodesk, Inc., photo-to-3D service, we have developed a complete solution that delivers the necessary reports in a fraction of the time and cost usually necessary to get such reports. Insurance adjusters are now being offered a completely new, automated solution that avoids using ladders to climb on roofs to measure or visually inspect them following a claim. Come and check out how this solution works, and how the same workflow can be applied to many other use cases and industries.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use ReCap Photo-to-3D service with aerial photos
    • Learn about tools to develop a UAV-to-cloud solution
    • Learn about 3D analysis tools based on 2D orthographic views
    • Learn about optimal flight paths to capture photos of buildings and houses