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Innovative Generative Design in Revit and Civil 3d for a sustainable city

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    Flowell by Colas is a dynamic road signaling, helping security and road congestion. Generative design was applied to design the electrical component of this project. The solution starts from an existing condition 2D drawing in DWG, creates the optimal configuration for the electrical network and creates a detailed model in Revit. It is an application of generative design to solve complex design challenges in the electrical discipline and support the decision process. A scalable methodology that opens new possibilities for more effective collaboration to validate ideas early on. It leverages computational design via Dynamo for Civil 3D, design optimization via Generative Design and automation via Dynamo for Revit. Visual programming is extended with Python modules to interact with different software and manage intelligent electrical objects. The generative design study uses electrical objects and implements the designer preferences to create the network.

    Key Learnings

    • 1. Explain and capture the designer’s challenges
    • 2. Apply outcome driven design to find optimum solutions and solve complex problems
    • 3. Identify the objectives to drive the generative design study
    • 4. Create a simple process to ensure scalability