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Innovation Forum: The Future of How Buildings Are Made: A Stimulant for Your Next Project
Alan Ricks
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, Chris Horne + 4 co-speakers
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The explosion of digital context is about to change everything that you know about the design and construction of the built environment. Join the AU Innovation Forum, buckle yourself in, and wrap your mind around the future of making buildings.


Alan Ricks is the Co-Founder of MASS Design Group. He manages global operations and leads initiatives spanning the design of individual buildings to policyãworking globally to promote and build architecture that has a positive impact on communities. Ricks is an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Harvard Innovation Lab and a Young Global Leader with the World Economic Forum.
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Chris Horne
Chris Horne is an urban planner and project manager at Sasaki Associates in Massachusetts. His numerous current projects include a land use change simulation model and a harbor plan. He is also a member of Sasaki Strategies, an internal division focusing on data analytics, visualization, and software development. Prior to joining Sasaki, Horne worked as a researcher at MIT.
James is a registered architect in New York State and has worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from high-end residential to large transportation projects. His experience includes budgeting, programming, code analysis, design and construction documentation, shop drawing review, client relations, and construction administration. In 1999, he landed at SOM and transformed his technology skills into a 10-year span as a digital design manager. In this capacity, he pioneered the implementation of building information modeling (BIM) on such projects as One World Trade Center, a.k.a. Freedom Tower.He is a co-founder of the NYC Revit Users Group and is an adjunct lecturing professor at the NYU School for Continuing and Professional Studies as well as the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. James is also the author of the best-selling book series, "Mastering Revit Architecture" which is published by John Wiley and Sons.
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Ken Wiseman is president of Design Services and process director for CannonDesign. He is responsible for initiatives governing the recruitment and development of the best design talent and technical expertise. He leads significant design projects across North America, including sports and recreation facilities for such organizations as the International Olympic Committee and the United States Air Force Academy.
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Coulter Winn
Coulter Winn is an executive concept architect for Walt Disney Imagineering. During his 24 years with Disney, Winn has created design concepts for Disney parks around the world including Tokyo DisneySea Park and Hong Kong Disneyland. Prior to joining Disney, he was the principal of his own architectural firm.
David Abair
David Abair is a senior concept architect for Walt Disney Imagineering. During his time with Disney, he has worked on many projects including The Little Mermaid and Disney California Adventure Park. A leader in 3D modeling, he has also contributed to BIM strategy development. He is a registered architect in California.


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