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Indonesia 4.0: BIM Uses Through Megaproject—Indonesia’s New Capital City

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    Indonesia is moving its capital from Jakarta to a new city. In this session, we'll explore how Indonesia’s Ministry of Public Works and Housing is implementing building information modeling (BIM) in megaproject “Indonesia’s New Capital City,” specifically the highway projects. We'll start by discussing how we developed our own classification system to help the quantification process, including the benefits and challenges of this approach. Next, we'll cover how we integrated all the projects into the common data environment (CDE) and used Autodesk Platform Services to create a dashboard that displays key project metrics and status. We'll also discuss how we maintain BIM implementation through weekly BIM evaluations, including how we address issues and ensure consistency across all projects. Finally, we'll share how we integrated all intelligent models from every project into a single federated model that is updated weekly to show the construction progress.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop a customized classification system to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the quantification process.
    • Learn about integrating highly dynamic projects through a common data environment (CDE).
    • Learn how to create a dashboard that displays key project metrics and status using Autodesk Platform Services to help any stakeholders.
    • Discover the importance of regular BIM evaluations in maintaining consistency and quality of BIM implementation.