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Increase the Value of Your PLM: New (Free) Upstream Apps in the Store

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    Last year we presented the Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage "App Store.” This year, we'll quickly review how it works, and then we'll introduce a few of the new apps that have been added since. If you've been a customer for some time, you may be particularly interested in new capabilities that are now included in our default tenants. These new apps are available to old customers through the App Store! In particular, we've added capabilities for managing product concepts/ideas and requirements so collaboration and approvals can begin before designs ever start, minimizing product development risks and costs. As always, you can implement apps easily and at no additional software costs, so you can increase the value of your systems without onerous upgrades. And there will be more apps to come!

    Key Learnings

    • Install an app from the App Store.
    • Learn about managing product concepts and ideas.
    • Learn about managing product requirements.
    • Stay tuned to future capability releases.