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How to Create a Data Exchange Connector Using Autodesk's Data Exchange SDK

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    Across the globe, individuals and companies are working together using various disciplines and tools to create remarkable products, buildings, and experiences for today and the future. With Data Exchange, distributed teams can easily share and consume geometry and parameter data without requiring access to the original design file or authoring app. Traditional data-sharing methods may result in incomplete translations, leading to time-consuming workarounds. Alternatively, using third-party plug-ins to capture the complete information being shared can also lead to problems. Come and see how Data Exchange connectors provide a durable solution for interoperability and collaborative work, resulting in better synchronization workflows for seamless design development. This enables teams to focus on essential aspects of the design rather than repetitive tasks, conserving their energy. This class will cover the creation of Data Exchange connectors and their seamless collaboration across distributed teams.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover conventional challenges for interoperable working.
    • Discover the seamless collaboration of distributed project teams and daily workflows possible in your designs using Data Exchange.
    • Learn how to integrate Data Exchange SDK into projects using a step-by-step approach.
    • Learn how to create and read data exchanges with custom parameters and geometries.