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How the construction industry and media can work together to attract more diversity

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    There are presently factions of diversity across the construction industry and representing them in media is one way of signaling to additional diverse talent that there is a place for them in the industry. But today, if you scroll through a construction-related content feed, you’re still likely to see and hear from people who look a lot alike. How can we change that? What types of content can be highlighted to accurately showcase more inclusivity? What sorts of initiatives can the media industry adopt? A diverse panel of representatives from the media and construction industries will review what some of the challenges to showcasing diversity in media thus far have been, and how we can address them to be more inclusive. The goal is for the discussion to spark ideas on new topics for coverage and presenting content with inclusion in mind, so we can attract more diversity to the construction industry.

    Key Learnings

    • Spark ideas for diversity-related coverage.
    • Publish content with diversity and inclusion in mind.
    • Source diverse construction professionals for coverage.
    • Advocate for diverse representation in marketing and communications efforts.