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How to build data-sharing habits to Accelerate Digital Business:Saipem case

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    For decades, business leaders have shied away from sharing data, not just in regards to competitors, but even with internal stakeholders in other business units. This mindset is starting to shift, however, as studies back up the benefits of sharing data. Data sharing is a business-facing key performance indicator of achieving effective stakeholder engagement and providing enterprise value. Chief Data Officers who have successfully executed data-sharing initiatives in their organizations are proven to be more effective at showing business value and return on investment from their data analytics strategy. This class will highlight how the Saipem data sharing solution, based on Autodesk Forge and BIM360, brings more value to stakeholders from analytics initiatives, facilitates new way of thinking and points out how CDOs that embraces the new mindset around data-sharing will play a more strategic business role.

    Key Learnings

    • Enable efficient cross-team collaboration strengthening teamwork
    • Facilitate knowledge and information sharing
    • Increase business execution and reduce rework
    • Enhance workflows to make every day’s tasks easier