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How to Eat the Elephant: Where to Start Your Journey with Fusion Lifecycle
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This session will look at the PLM journey that Spirax Sarco has undertaken. Spirax Sarco, a 100-year-old company with nearly 40 overseas operations and a global manufacturing network, embarked on its Fusion Lifecycle PLM journey in early 2016. Over the last year this journey has presented many challenges but also many more opportunities than first considered. The learnings from the rollout approach, stakeholder management, and early adoption techniques will be shared. We will share the positive learnings that we will take forward on our journey, but also highlight the pitfalls. Focus areas will include large-scale organisational change, launching a global quality solution, global engineering change, and the launch of a group technical support hub to serve Spirax's 1,300 sales engineers in the field. This class is ideal for any company just commencing a large-scale deployment.

Key Learnings

  • Understand the value of using a cloud-based platform (Fusion Lifecycle)
  • Learn about advantages and some pitfalls of an agile implementation approach
  • Learn about the adoption process
  • Identify your debut workspace




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