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How Do YOU Learn?

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    The pandemic totally changed the learning landscape. Classrooms were closed, ATCs had to move to online learning, and millions re-assessed what they wanted to do in their careers. This meant that learning had to be done differently. Remote training, online learning providers, and self-learning became the standard. As we eventually return to face-to-face learning, new learning methodologies are being used, regardless of discipline, product, or specialization. Shaun Bryant (CADJedi), a LinkedIn Learning [in]structor, will take you through specific learning methods, from traditional classroom, office, and home environments to the mobile world of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Shaun will also discuss various methods to retain what you have learned and reuse that knowledge to work toward Autodesk Certification and other professional qualifications in your discipline. So, as Shaun will ask you in this class: How do YOU learn?

    Key Learnings

    • Consider a learning path and how to manage it.
    • Learn how to record your learning effectively for later knowledge reuse.
    • Learn how to apply your learned knowledge in the workplace.
    • Gain new knowledge that you could use to obtain professional qualifications, such as Autodesk Certification.