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How to Automate Heating Design in Revit
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In this session, we’ll look at ideal workflows for using Revit software, and how to avoid key time-wasting traps, as discovered the hard way by an experienced Revit software-using mechanical engineer. Using a simple heating system design process as an example, the class will show live use of core Revit features, Dynamo, and bespoke add-ins. Emerging features such as Insight 360 software are shown as a great opportunity for engineers and architects to collaborate during initial design stages, and options for calculating heating and cooling loads are discussed. I’ll also give some specific technical tips and tricks to help engineers get the most out of their Revit software systems and spaces.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how Revit can improve the workflows of a mechanical engineer
  • Get inspiration for using Dynamo, add-ins and core Revit features to automate your processes
  • Put some helpful tips and tricks into practice to save loads of time
  • Discuss how emerging technologies will change mechanical engineers’ workflows




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