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Pre-conference Session    CCS328641
Harness the Power of Point Clouds to Dominate Construction Productivity
Autodesk University
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Embracing digitalization is widely recognized as the key to increasing transparency, efficiency, and productivity in construction. But in an industry that remains largely locked in decades-old processes and document-driven workflows, the best approach for capturing and using digital data is often still a mystery. The last several years have brought the introduction of compact, easy-to-use, 3D laser scanners and wearable, mobile mapping systems that enable renovations and retrofits to be captured digitally in a matter of days. New, indoor reality capture innovations deliver incredible simplicity, efficiency, and safety in as-built documentation. Software advances have been equally impressive, making it possible for users to quickly move from data capture to .RCP files for accurate, intelligent design.

Key Learnings

  • Discover why point clouds are the foundation for effective building design and construction
  • Learn about what constitutes an accurate, high-quality point cloud
  • Learn the differences between the main types of reality capture devices that produce point clouds
  • Learn how to rapidly move point-cloud data from field to finish using Autodesk software


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