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Growing into a 5-Axis CNC Machine

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    This class will discuss how material, parts, tooling, tool holders, CAD, and CAM are influenced by the move to 3- or 4-axis computer numerical control (CNC) machining. Any machine shop, manufacturing company, R&D group, or entrepreneur can gain significant advantages from 5-axis machining, whether simultaneous 5-axis or positional 3+2. The Autodesk CAM software systems, including Fusion 360 software, offer solid workflows to adopt 5-axis machining, including CAM sample files, vendor work holding, integrated parametric CAD for modeling fixtures and raw material, and 5-axis CAM toolpaths.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover if pursuing a 5-axis CNC machine is right for your company or project
    • Better understand the tooling, tool holders, work holding, and setup workflows for 5-axis machining
    • Learn how to create 3+2- and 5-axis CAM toolpaths
    • Learn about best practices and risk mitigation with 5-axis machining strategies