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Greening Your Buildings by Implementing Performance Simulations in Early Design

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    This class will showcase new high-performance building design workflows from Autodesk, Inc., and their applications in the early design stages. We will explain and explore through the case study application current technology and new features in FormIt 360 software and Revit software. This class will cover processes and best practices for using conceptual analysis tools as integrated, iterative, and collaborative parts of the design process from a Design Team’s point of view. It is critical to use performance analysis tools early when aiming for high-performance design goals. New high-performance building design workflows are making analysis tools more accessible and easier to use earlier in the design process than ever before. Analysis tools can go a long way toward informing design decisions, saving time, and improving the usefulness and validity of your design.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover different building performance analysis workflows and their applications
    • Learn how to apply building performance analysis workflows to design projects
    • Learn how to use early analysis data to impact design decisions to reduce building-energy use
    • Learn best practice tips for using conceptual analysis tools to yield actionable results