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Green Stormwater Infrastructure: Triple Bottom-Line Design

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    This session will provide an overview of 2 new Stormwater Modeling Solutions—Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) and AutoCASE software—that will help civil engineers and landscape architects design for the future. For decades cities drained stormwater with sewers, but these systems are fraught with pollution and flooding issues. In response cities have embraced a new “green infrastructure” approach to managing stormwater—partnering with developers to install absorptive rain gardens and green roofs to harvest water, filter pollutants, and provide a host of other social and environmental benefits. Autodesk, Inc., and its partner Impact Infrastructure have introduced these solutions to support this revolution. As green infrastructure is still a relatively new concept, GSI and AutoCASE software eliminate the learning curve by providing an easy way to design these techniques and analyze their benefits. This session features a case study on using GSI and AutoCASE software for the San Francisco Civic Center Historic District.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to rapidly analyze and design green infrastructure for land development projects
    • Learn how to make the business case for your green infrastructure projects in minutes
    • Learn how to design green infrastructure to meet the stormwater performance requirements in many jurisdictions
    • Compare design alternatives based on drainage performance and business case