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Global Parameters, Global Control: Revit Global Parameters in Practice
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Global parameters (GP) bring the power of the Family Editor into the project environment, letting you label dimensions and drive parameter values directly in the project environment. Imagine being able to drive an offset distance between elements in multiple locations around the entire project, or drive instance parameters of several independent families from a single control panel. These are the kinds of things that are possible with global parameters. In this session, we'll walk through several scenarios using GP to establish relationships in your projects. We'll explore using them for establishing critical design dimensions and helping with design exploration. We'll also look at how GP can make your content even more powerful by letting you control several separate families at once from a single parameter, without needing to embed the families into one another first. If you want to explore the exciting global parameters feature, then this is the session for you.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to set up a global parameter to drive length or materials and more
  • Learn how to apply global parameters to labeled dimensions in the project environment
  • Learn how to associate global parameters to several families and flex them simultaneously
  • Learn how to use global parameters to drive radius and diameter dimensions



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