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Get More Out of Fusion 360 with Nesting

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    Nesting—the 10th top-voted idea on Fusion 360 forums—is getting added to Fusion 360, and it aims to provide much more than material usage optimization. Come find out how the addition of nesting technology within Fusion 360 will help bridge the gap between “Design and Manufacturing.” We’ll discuss how Nesting in Fusion 360 will allow users to calculate multiple sheet nests with corresponding materials and quantities, compare results, create automatic reports, generate machine toolpaths, and export nests as DXF—all from within Fusion 360. Join us to learn how this solution can help you minimize the impact of design changes and maximize material efficiency for cutting with various computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the purpose and value of automatic nesting to lower manufacturing costs
    • Learn how to generate nests for Fusion 360 sheet metal models using desired sheet stock
    • Learn how to update existing nests to include new design changes to a model
    • Learn how to generate machine code to drive cutting machines or export nests as DXF