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Generative Design and the Form Tool in Fusion 360 for Concept Design

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    Join me to learn how an engineering based Generative Design tool can be used for concept development. Fusion 360 is consistently growing in popularity as a hard modeler for production/concept design. The combination of Generative Design and exploration of the Form tool (T-spline modeling) can yield diverse results. In addition, Generative can produce a wide range of models with different manufacturing and material properties. Each result can be adjusted for density and them modified with the form tool and/or solid/surface modification. As a bonus, there are mesh tolls for added modification and combination with additional data sources.

    Key Learnings

    • Tranfer the skills users need to quickly generate design concepts and structures from Generative Design.
    • Rapid 3D form developement for concepts
    • Diversity of concepts produced by Generative Design
    • How the Design Extensions tools may also add detail and patterms accros complex surfaces. In additon, volumetric Lattice.