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Generative Design to Build an Optimum Model for Autodesk CFD—Heat-Sink Modeling

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    This demo will show how to generate a model for a heat sink to be simulated in Autodesk CFD software, optimizing the model with Fusion 360 software and Autodesk Generative Design software. Generative design is a process of iterative design that uses the power of computing to give a designer a very large number of permutations and possibilities that we can fine-tune with several constraints to get an optimum-performing design. This demo will apply this to a real-world model of a heat sink, where we can vary the layout and the geometry of our item quite a lot, based on different constraints, such as material, flow paths, conduction area, cost, and so on. We’ll see how the best permutation models perform, and we’ll go through the decision-making process to achieve the best-performing design.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 to create, modify, and simulate real industrial designs
    • Learn about generative design as a great process to optimize performance of design
    • Learn the process of fixing constraints and making decisions based on generative design iterative process
    • Learn how to use Fusion 360 and Generative Design to optimize real models and perform numerical simulations through Autodesk simulation tools