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Exploration of Generative Design from practical usage for products designer

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    Generative Design is the most advanced and powerful design tool among many industrial fields, yet it needs to apply several processes for taking the specific and appropriate outcome to address them further production phase. In this session, we will introduce our design development process which profoundly incorporates with the Generative Design, from our latest several design projects. Generative Design still needs several processes for further implication into current design development. Sculpting is the most reliable application for reproducing the generated geometry to "engineering verification structure". However, it is also a considerably irrelevant perception from a conventional design process among designers. In this session, we will introduce from our latest design method that idea of integration process about Generative Design and sculpting technic, which has been utilised in several projects such as DENSO ECU Concept (Deserved iF Design Award)

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the general differences between topology optimization and generative design in Fusion360.
    • Explain the benefit of "Sculpting Process" as it relates to coordinate smooth geometry from Generative Design outcome.
    • Create a smooth curvature continuity from meshed structure, using general sculpting process.
    • Analyse generated surface from Generative Design can be redact for coordinating appropriate structure for further process.