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Generating, Transforming, and Analyzing Railway Design Data in Civil 3D and Dynamo

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    Railway projects have a lot of regulations, diverse technical fields, and project members coming from many different backgrounds. These factors and many more all come together during the design process and need to be managed to make the project a success. This class will show how connecting and using design data in Civil 3D software, AutoCAD software, and Dynamo can help us meet this challenge. Attendees will see examples of how to make regulations interactive and more easily accessible, and how to transform design data depending on the required technical field or output. We’ll also demonstrate tools to assist the designers so they can better analyze their creations, and in doing so, motivate them to start interacting and designing in a new way.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to design dynamic blocks that are digital representations of local standards and a better fit your design process
    • Learn how to organize Dynamo nodes to connect different design data in AutoCAD and Civil 3D
    • Learn how to analyze corridor data more direct and iteratively
    • Learn about the need for design objects with the correct data and interactivity configuration