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Game of Inches: Digital As-Builting a 27-Year-Old NFL Stadium

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    Facilities of all kinds and sizes get old. After years of operations and maintenance, old records that show the as-built conditions are often destroyed or lost. In addition, several renovations and additions to the facilities add another layer of complexity if not documented properly. Any facility that was completed before the new millennium most likely involved paper-based as-built documentation. These documents are often stored away and seldom updated when changes to the facility occur. This was the case with the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL stadium where the team is looking at a bright future that include new plans for expansions and major renovation. Such major projects require extensive design efforts that can take years, with the lack of proper and accurate as-built documentation. This massive 2,200-modeling-hours effort led to an accurate and intricate as-built intelligent model of the stadium that was created from more than 575 scan hours—in just under five months.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover and compare reality capture and 3D modeling technologies for existing facility documentation.
    • Learn how to implement a strategic plan for building documentation to facilitate future renovation and expansion needs.
    • Learn about empowering owners to collaborate more efficiently and cost-effectively with design and construction teams.
    • Learn about driving creative solutions through innovative technology.