Autodesk Product Briefing    TR500013
Expanding in the Design Studio with ShotGrid
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Learn about ShotGrid software’s powerful capabilities, including digital asset management features that integrate with Alias software and VRED software to connect digital workflows around the world. Learn how to increase the efficiency of collaboration for creatives by ensuring the availability of multiple versions of digital data, all in the same place, for all studio members. Using ShotGrid helps you save time, creating more opportunities to focus on quality of execution, and enabling designers and creatives to focus more on ideation and innovation. Come and see how ShotGrid can help with the digital transformation in your studio.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about how ShotGrid can be used in the automotive design studio
  • Learn about ShotGrid integrations with Alias and VRED
  • Discover how ShotGrid can increase efficiency and collaboration for stakeholders
  • Learn about ShotGrid features and workflows



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